Proud To Be Canadian

Welcome Proud Canadians!

Come all Canadians, born or unborn, native or not who are proud of their nation and stand tall. We are Proud to be Canadian, we are proud to have some of the most multicultural cities in the world, proud to be the best at hockey (most years) and proud of our poutine and maple syrup. We drunk beer and deal with heavy snow. We are friendly and apologize, if when it’s no ones fault. We use words like ‘eh’ and pronounce ‘about’ ‘aboot’ (which is the way it’s supposed to be pronounced guy!).

Our nation is composed of different ideologies, different ideas and different religions and we’re proud to support them all. We invented basketball and some other things along the way and are always liked internationally when we travel. We consider ourselves America’s more friendly neighbour and are known for our free medication and medi-care system. From Vancouver to Calgary to Toronto to Montreal to Halifax, we all known the national anthem. And we’re all supposed to be bilingual (maybe a bit of a miss there).

Welcome to the website, we hope you, like us, are very, very proud to be Canadian.


Canadian Flags

Our very robust and indepth collection of Canadian Flags, take a browse through the gallery!



Canadian Flag Collection


Canadian World Domination

Learn about our secret plans and growth for taking over the planet… by being nice and stuff.


Canadian World Domination


Canadian Television References

We all love it when television shows, especially American ones, make references to Canada.

Canadian Television References


Canadian Directory

Look here for all the other useful links and resources for our proud country.

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